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Our Products 

Our hummingbird Feeder Heater Jackets are like lined winter coats for your feeders.  They keep feeders from freezing at least 3 x longer than without them (we tested them at -14C / 7F) and they're a cute and inexpensive way to help the hummingbirds!


Feeder Heater Jackets consist of two parts:

  • an exterior jacket made from wind and weather resistant outdoor fabric
  • an interior cloth bag filled with all-natural ingredients (rice and, for longer heating capacity, flax seeds)

They're easy to use and cost very little to operate... simply warm the beanie bag in the microwave for about 2 minutes (or, if no microwave is available, just store it in a warm spot overnight).... insert the bag into the sleeve of the jacket...



securely close with the velcro strip...



Place Feeder Heater Jacket over the top of the feeder, and pull down to completely cover the glass.      FHJ_med_&_lg_vga.jpg

  • Provides hours of warmth and protection from the cold
  • Low-cost and minimal maintenance
  • No messy or dangerous electrical wires, cords or tape
  • Cute little penguin tuxedo design to decorate your home and garden

        And a hit with the hummingbirds!


     A male Anna's enjoying a drink from his feeder with our Feeder Heater Jacket

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